Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Bill Buckner 1971 Alt -Topps


Another 1971 Alt Topps for Bill Buckner. We lost him this past Memorial Day. On that day, 9 different players did something Buckner never did in his entire MLB career.

On the day that Bill Buckner passed away Niko Goodrum, Jim Adduci, Dainiel Descalso, Jonathan Schoop, CJ Cron, Miguel Sano, Matt Olson, Shin-Soo Choo and Mitch Haniger all struck out 3 times in a single MLB game.  In his 22 year career, Bill Buckner never had a 3-strikeout game.

Buckner led the league 4 times in At Bats per strikeout. He finished in the top 10 eleven times. Over his career he averaged 20.7 at bats for every strikeout.  Just to put that in context, the current MLB leader in strikeouts per at bat is the Angels second baseman, David Fletcher with 13.8.

Another thing Buckner didn't have was his own card in 1971. 

He had been featured on Rookie Stars cards by Topps in both 1970 and 1971. He finally had hid own Topps card in 1972.  


  1. Nice card and some interesting stats. Didn't realize until I checked recently that he won a batting title.

  2. Bless you Mr. Hogan, you have come through once again. I always knew that Bill Buckner was a "tough out", just how tough you have demonstrated here. Did anybody out there know that he was in medical difficulty? This just came out of nowhere (at least to me). I will conclude with a story that may be "apocryphal", but I believe to be true. Apparently there was a party at the Brett house (or some other location that George was at). Of course there was the usual party atmosphere, in fact George may even have been "feted" or there was some other celebration going on. Anyway, in this "environ" there was a wide screen of some sort with - natch a game going on. Admidst all the hubbub of the party, George noticed that Buckner was about to bat - he excused himself from the throng with the imperative that "hey I've got to watch Buckner hit". Yep, Billy Bucks was pretty darn good. So much focus (for some thoughtless people) on one tragic error, instead of the stellar duty he did over 2 solid decades (as well as parts of two others). He was always a very good 1st baseman as well as a superior hitter. "Buzz" Bryant

    1. I had no idea he was so ill. I saw him at a spring training game last season. (It was the game all the players were wearing the Stoneman Douglass caps.) He was signing autographs with Fergie Jenkins, Pete LaCock, Bob Dernier and a few others that slip my mind. LBD is such a cruel disease. All reports say it was a long battle, yet he seemed terrific just over a year ago. As a player he certainly deserves better than to be forever tied to one play. Just ask Fred Merkle.