Thursday, February 7, 2019

One More for the Judge

Frank Robinson

Here is one more 1968 Alt-Topps in honor of an incredible career in baseball. His contributions are immeasurable. Below are all the cards featuring Frank Robinson over the years.


  1. Great player and excellent cards.

  2. PRESCIENT!.....I came to your blog today to suggest what you have already so brilliantly done. When one measures and weighs and balances everything, it is hard to think of any other person who has had as big an impact on the game as this man (maybe Ted Williams comes close). Two M.V.P. awards, one triple crown, 4 field manager appointments, then finally big time responsibilities at the league office level. And yes, 586 big blasts - none of them "p.e.d." assisted. These are awesome achievements for anyone, but he broke a lot of barriers at a time when it was all uphill (for guys like him) - really - like trying to scale "El Capitan", or K2! What a career! "Buzz" Bryant