Friday, December 7, 2018

Even More 1976 Alt-Topps

World Series, All Star and Leaders Cards

As I finish out the sub-sets, I have to admit this set has grown on me.  The base set was a mish-mash of designs. But I like the colors and the font. Incorporating a few other tried and true Topps layouts like the Rookies, Teams and Leaders cards fleshes out the design nicely.

For the World Series card I considered putting the logo in place of the cap. Instead I put it in the field similar to the 1978 Topp All Stars.  Of course I used the famous Fisk homer.
For the All Stars I used the All Star Game logo in place of the cap. I also used Brewers colors as they were the ASG host team.
In the actual 1976 Topps set Jim Wynn was air-brushed into a Braves uniform. I kept the All Stars in their 1975 uniforms and utilized action shots. 
I also made a team card for the 1975 AL team.  Why let a good photo go to waste? Also gave a a chance to include Honorary Captain Mickey Mantle.
For the leaders I went old school Topps. The actual 1976 Topps used a variation on this layout. This one is more like the early '70s.
It took Topps a while to include a leaders card for relievers. They started in 1973 and carried on through 1984 with few exceptions. After that it becomes spotty.

Again, I'll make a few more of these by request. Just put your ideas in the comment section.


  1. More excellent looking cards. You already answered my request with the all star cards and with a bonus card of the entire AL team. Like the Fisk picture on the WS card. One of my favorite moments in MLB.

  2. These cards rock!!

    Finishing off the WS cards would be awesome.

    Excellent job on all of them! :)

  3. First let me say that I wish I could have been more timely in my appreciation for your latest efforts (I've been "knocked out" on the "D.L."-needle biopsy-OUCH! You really know how to extrapolate a basically "dud" design into something pretty good. Just shows your long standing appreciation for this under appreciated genre as an art form! Now for my one request: This is 1976 we are talking about. Well, I'll reveal my left coast provincialism. the outstanding event - to me- happened one day in May. At "Chavez Ravine", some cretin who thought that the calendar still read 1967,68, or 69 ventured on to the field and attempted to incinerate old glory. Well right at the crucial moment, Cubs OF Rick Monday swooped and rescued it (and if I recall put the arsonist on his keister). At that moment Rick became a Dodger - although it would take an off-season deal to make it official. "Buzz" Bryant

  4. Just had to jump back in to correct myself (I've been a little foggy after all my medical issues). The big moment with the flag took place in APRIL,(the 25th to be precise) NOT MAY. Trying to "make a statement " of sorts this nut case tried to reduce to ashes our flag in front 25,000 people...but Mr. Monday was more than up to the task of saving it. While I'm at it, it seem that others are a bit shy about "stepping up to the plate" for requests. Allow me to "pinch hit" if they won't. How about: Willie "the 3 dog" Davis, Billy "Bucks" Buckner (still a Dodger then), Ron Fairly, Yaz, "Boog" Powell, or Billy Williams, all great southpaw swingers. I know it's all work, so If anybody else will chime in, in the interest of DEMOCRACY I will relent, and you can then "bench" these choices. "Buzz" (Bryant)

  5. I don't know if you intended to use a "generic" photo for the 1975 World Series card, but, being an anal-retentive fan whose favorite era is the 1970s, I have to point out that the photo you used on the card is not Fisk's Game 6 game-ending home run. I can decipher this by the fact that it was taken during a day game (obviously game 1), and I'm almost certain that is left-hander Don Gullet on the mound for Cincinnati. The game 6 home run was surrendered by Pat Darcy. Great card anyway, and a great idea. Topps really screwed up with their "who give a f---" attitude in regards to World Series cards in the 1970s.

    1. It was not intentional, but you are correct. That is clearly a lefty. Darcy is right handed. I looked all over for the iconic Fisk wave. Unfortunately, I only found black and white or colorized images. This photo was labeled (or should I say mis-labeled) 10-21-75 which was the date of Game 6. I assumed it was correct. It is not. Nice catch.