Friday, November 11, 2016

1966 Topps Bobby Burnett

1966 AFL Rookie of the Year

With an exciting MLB postseason behind us, I can get back to where I left off. And that is making cards for all the NFL/AFL Rookies of the Year. I've posted cards from 1955-1965, but in 1966 it starts to get even more diverse with more and more ROY awards given out.

We'll start 1966 with Bobby Burnett, a player that both United Press International and The Sporting News agreed should be awarded the Rookie of the Year for the AFL. Burnett was drafted by both the Bills in the AFL and the Bears in the NFL. He chose not to share a backfield with 1965 Rookie of the Year, Gale Sayers

He had 1185 all-purpose yards and 8 touchdowns for the Bills and earned a spot on the All Star team. After winning the ROY, his 1967 season began with cracked ribs in training camp.  Burnett was used sparingly to protect his ribs. Then in a game against the Jets he took a hit to the knee that ended his career. The knee was dislocated, the tibia was broken. Cartilages and ligaments were torn. 

In 1968 he was picked up by the Bengals in the expansion draft but he was not healthy enough to play. In 1969 he signed with the Denver Broncos but played in just 3 games. He was given the ball a total of 5 time for just 9 net yards. He retired at the age of 26.

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