Thursday, July 7, 2016

TBT - Seattle Mariners Edition

On June 25th the Mariners suited up in the uniforms they wore from 1981-1986. They played the Cardinals who also wore unis from the same era. The Mariners won 5-4. Ketel Marte singled to lead off the second and scored on a throwing error by Jhonny Peralta

I made this 1986 card of Marte to compare it to a similar card of the late Dave Henderson. Henderson was a first round draft pick of the Mariners in 1977. A career .258 hitter, Hendu put up big numbers after the regular season ended. He was .298 overall in the post-season and hit .324 with 4 homers in 20 World Series games. Unfortunately, we lost him just after last Christmas. He was 57. 

Just a note about the cards. The Mariners wore basically the same uniform design for home and away at that time. The only difference is the home was white and the away was grey. On the Hendu card, it looks more grey than white but you can see how well it matches the one Marte is wearing. The other thing is that Henderson is wearing #42. His last game was in 1994 and the MLB retired #42 in honor of Jackie Robinson in 1997. The last thing I want to point out is all the empty seats behind Henderson.  I know that the average MLB attendance has gone up dramatically since the mid eighties, but this is ridiculous.


  1. Dave Henderson was the Mariners first ever amateur draft pick in 1977.

  2. Thanks, you are right and I updated the post.