Friday, June 10, 2016

1974-75 O Pee Chee Gordie Howe

Mr. Hockey

In 1973 Gordie Howe brought his star power and respectability to the fledgling World Hockey Association. Just 2 years after retiring from the Red Wings due to contractual issues and a wrist injury, Howe returned to play with his sons on the Houston Aeros. Howe and sons went on to win the championship that season. Gordie led the team with 100 points and won the league MVP, an award that in 1975 was renamed the "Gordie Howe Trophy". 

In 1974 O Pee Chee issued just one card featuring all three Howes. Here is an individual "Card That Never Was" for one of hockey's most influential players.

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  1. Nice job and a fine tribute. The 1974-75 OPC WHA set is one of my favorite hockey sets, but I never thought of doing a custom with it.