Thursday, October 30, 2014

1973 Topps Style 2014 World Series Game 7

The Giants beat the Royals 3-2 in Game 7 of the World Series last night.  It was an exciting finish to a great World Series. You might even say a great post-season. Both teams were wildcards and had to overcome a single-elimination Wildcard Game, the Divisional Series and the Championship Series just to get here. 

For this card, I could have gone so many different ways. The most obvious choice would be the MVP Madison Bumgarner who came in on relief after pitching a complete-game shutout in Game 5. He ended up pitching 5 more shutout innings and got the Save after earning the Win in both Game 1 and Game 5.

Another choice could have been the "Kung Fu Panda" Pablo Sandoval. In Game 7 he was on base in every plate appearance. He had 2 singles, a double and was hit by a pitch. He scored 2 of the Giants 3 runs and even caught the last out of the series. A foul pop-up with a the tying run on 3rd.

Instead I went with the first call ever to be overturned in the World Series. In the bottom of the 4th Eric Hosmer drove the ball up the middle which was stopped by a diving Joe Panik, who turned out to be "Joe Cool". Panik flipped the ball out of his glove to shortstop Brandon Crawford who turned the double play attempt to Brandon Belt. Hosmer dove into first and was called safe. The Giants challenged the call and it was overturned. After seeing the relay from several angles, it was the right call. But the closeness of this call was really indicative of how close this series was.

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  1. Great series. And the picture is the perfect choice for the card, imo. Why not just whip up a separate MVP card for Bumgarner?
    Enjoyed the WS cards, thanks:)