Friday, January 3, 2014

30 Tribute Card Project - Part 2

     In my last post I wrote about the latest project I decided to take on. It is based on this article on the Sports Collectors Daily website. In that post I showed the cards on that list that Topps actually made in one form or another and was able to check numbers 1,3,8, and 20 off the list.    

    Today I am going to present cards made by fellow card geeks that I found elsewhere on the web. Some of these have multiple versions on the internet. I chose these particular cards in order to get a variety of the sites I like onto the list without too much repetition. 

    First is #5 on the list 1957 Jackie Robinson.  Robinson was traded to the Giants after the 1959 season. But Robinson had other plans. He had already decided to retire. This card was created by one of my favorite sites, Dick Allen Hall of Fame. Unfortunately that site has been idle for a while now but the creator is now working on the, the official Dick Allen website. 

   Topps produced a card of Robinson sporting a giants uniform as part of the 2009 National promo set. but for whatever reason the made it a 1959 card. This card just makes more sense.

     Next is # 6, 1961 Ted Williams. Williams retired after the 1960 season and he went out with style. He hit a homer in his last at bat September 28, 1960. This card is courtesy of  Keith Conforti. I've seen his cards in several locations on the web. To see most of them in one place, here is a link to his Picasa Web Album.

    #11 is the 1966 version of Yogi Berra. Berra had actually retired after the 1963 season to become the Yankees manager in 1964. After losing the World Series to the Cardinals, Berra was fired. He return as a "Player/Coach" of the Mets in 1965 but played in only 4 games. His 1965 Topps card listed him as catcher-coach. This card can be found on Uncle Doc's Card Closet

    A few cards on this list have been made by multiple collectors. #13 on the list is one of the more frequently produced. In fact I made a 1967 Sandy Koufax All-Star card myself not that long ago. This one comes from Bob Lemke's Blog. Bob is THE leader in creating Cards That Never Were. He has been producing them for years. 

     The #14 card on the list was created for White Sox Cards. As a White Sox fan and a fan of custom cards, I am a regular follower of this site. Robin Roberts was dropped by the Astros in July of 1966 after winning just 3 games in 12 starts. He didn't fare much better when the Cubs signed him 9 days later. He won 2 in 9 starts then hung up his cleats at the end of the season.  Still, it's always nice to see a Hall of Famer in a hometown uniform.

    Here is the list so far. The Black X represents cards produced by Topps, The red X represents those made by other baseball card geeks:

1.       1952 Joe DiMaggio X
2.       1956 Ralph Kiner
3.       1957 Bob Feller X
4.       1957 Phil Rizzuto
5.       1957 Jackie Robinson X 
6.       1961 Ted Williams X 
7.       1962 Jackie Jensen
8.       1964 Stan Musial X
9.       1964 Early Wynn
10.   1965 Duke Snider
11.   1966 Yogi Berra X 
12.   1966 Warren Spahn 
13.   1967 Sandy Koufax X 
14.   1967 Robin Roberts X 
15.   1968 Whitey Ford
16.   1969 Rocky Colavito
17.   1969 Roger Maris 
18.   1969 Eddie Mathews
19.   1970 Don Drysdale
20.   1972 Ernie Banks X
21.   1973 Maury Wills
22.   1974 Willie Mays
23.   1977 Hank Aaron
24.   1977 Frank Robinson
25.   1978 Brooks Robinson 
26.   1978 Jim Wynn
27.   1980 Lou Brock
28.   1980 Thuman Munson
29.   1984 Johnny Bench
30. 1984 Carl Yastrzemski

To be continued......


  1. punk rock paint has created 1970 drysdale and 1977 aaron cards; i've made a '73 wills, and i've seen a 1980 munson around the internets, too. i pitched this idea (i am certain i was not the only one) to topps customer service in the early 2000's when they released the archives set that focused on first year and last year topps cards. i hope they come through for us!