Friday, December 13, 2013

1964 Topps NL Stolen Base Leaders: Wills, Aaron, Pinson

After setting the modern-day stolen base record in 1962, Maury Wills' league leading 40 stolen bases in 1963 was somewhat a let down. It was still nine more than his nearest NL competitor.  

In 1963 Hank Aaron joined what was once the very exclusive 30/30 club. Up until 1963 it had only 2 members, Willie Mays (1956 and 1957) and Ken Williams of the 1922 St. Louis Browns. Hank Aaron stole a career high 31 bases in 1963. Aaron also led the league in Homers, RBIs and Runs scored in 1963.

In 1963, the speedy Vada Pinson led the league in triple and in base hits but was 3rd in stolen bases with 27.


  1. Agreed! I think Topps went downhill after no longer having their league leaders and World Series cards.

  2. Fantastic card. I wish I could collect most of your cards. What great fun!
    Happy Holidays--Brian K