Wednesday, September 4, 2013

1967 Topps All Star Cards : Managers

1967 Topps Walt Alston All Star

In 1966 Walter Alston Managed the N.L. All Stars for the 7th time. He was 7-2 in 9 All Star games from 1954-1975.

1967 Topps Sam Mele All Star

As a player, Sam Mele never played more than 2 full seasons in a row with any one team. As a manager he achieved some stability. He led the Twins from 1961-1967 including their pennant winning season in 1965. Although he managed the 1966 A.L. All Stars, the Twins would replace him 50 games into the 1967 season.


  1. Shouldn't Hank Bauer of Baltimore have been the AL All Star Manager in 1967? They won the World Series in 1966. In fact, Mele was fired shortly into the 1967 season.

  2. Mele was the 1966 All Star Manager. Hank Bauer was in fact the Manager of the 1967 team. If Topps had included managers in their 1968 All Star sub-set, he would have appeared there.