Wednesday, February 27, 2013

1966 Topps Brooks Robinson All Star MVP

Going Horizontal

In 1966 for the first time the All Star Game MVP was awarded to a player from the losing team. Brooks Robinson went 3 for 4 and scored the A.L.'s only run (unearned) in the second inning. He tripled then scored on a wild pitch from Sandy Koufax to give the Americans an early 1-0 lead. Ron Santo drove in the tying run in the bottom of the 4th and Maury Wills singled in Tim McCarver in the bottom of the 10th inning. The N.L. won their 4th consecutive All Star game.

The MVP is selected by a committee of executives and sports writers in attendance. Given the 105 degree heat and humidity of the day, the committee may have chosen the MVP and adjourned prior to the N.L.'s comeback.

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  1. If you're going to go horizontal with Brooks, he should be in the same position that he tortured opposing batters with- horizontal, either diving left or right, it doesn't matter.