Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Upon Further Review....

Ok, maybe some of these cards were done before.

I was on ebay looking for cards and came accross this:

This is an original sketch with an asking price of $299. Much better than my version. 

It made me think. Which other cards were done before?
So I googled the cards I made and this is what I found:

This was on a message board called "The Bench" under a thread called "Topps Cards That Never Were". This guy not only made the card but he graded it too. (Why only a 7?) Here's mine:

Next I found this:

This was on Amazon and it says that it was issued in 1995. Again the artwork is really nice. Not to nit-pick but, Aaron wasn't on the Braves in 1952 and the Braves were not in Milwaukee in 1952. Here is my version:

Next I found one that I really don't know how I missed. It is on Bob Lemke's Blog. I actually follow his blog and enjoy his cards. He does an artistic and professional job. Mine are for my own amusement. I really like his version. Not only is it a nice looking picture but the background is similar to Chuck Klein's 1941 Play Ball card and kind of reminiscent of the 1933 Tattoo Orbits. Here is his card:

I am almost ashamed to put mine up next to his but here it goes:

I found this for sale also on eBay:

It's a 2010 card from Monarch Corona. I never heard of them before. Here is my version:

At least nobody else made a 1979 Bobby Douglass.

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