Friday, November 12, 2021

1960 Topps Football Cards as Baseball Cards

This is a two-for-one Cards That Never Were post.  Continuing on with my posts of baseball cards using the Topps football card designs, I found something unusual.  In 1960 there was no card of that year's eventual MVP.  Norm Van Brocklin was in the final year of his Hall of Fame career. He led the Eagle to an NFL Championship that year.  So that needed to be rectified first.

Next onto the baseball version.  I chose the 1960 AL MVP, Roger Maris for this card.  I needed to alter it a bit by using a colorful baseball image instead of the colored football image Topps used on the 1960 card.  Ultimately, it reminded me of the 1964 Topps Giant baseball cards except with a colored baseball,