Sunday, October 31, 2021

1970 Topps Brian Piccolo


It's Sunday and the Bears can use all the help they can get.  So here is a custom Brian Piccolo card in the style of the 1964 Topps Ken Hubbs "In Memoriam" card.  I was tempted to spell his name wrong (intentionally).  In his one and only Topps card his name was spelled "Bryon" on the front and "Bryan" on the back.  He was even part of a "4 in 1" card in 1969, also misspelled "Bryon".

I won't go into his story.  It's covered perfectly in the 1973 made-for-tv movie, Brian's Song.  If you haven't already viewed, or even if you just haven't seen it in a while, I highly recommend it. Don't waste your time on the ESPN remake.

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  1. I didn't see the ESPN remake, but I did see the episode of NFL Network's A Football Life about Sayers and Dick Butkus, narrated by Dan Rydell (aka Josh Charles). It's quite good. Obviously Piccolo isn't the focus but his relationship with Sayers is certainly included. The original TV movie of course is marvelous.