Wednesday, March 4, 2020

More 1967 Alt-Topps

Managers, Team Cards and Rookie Cards

Nothing out of the ordinary here.  I kept pretty close to the Topps script in the design of the manager, rookie stars and team cards. 

For the Managers, these are simply base cards with managers on them.  Joe Adcock managed only one season, 1967 for the Indians.  They finished in 8th place with a 75-87 record.  In the NL the Wes Westrum led Mets would come in last place.  He would yield the reigns to Salty Parker for the final eleven games of the 1967 season.

The AL Rookie of the Year was future Hall of Famer, Rod Carew.  I teamed him up with another Twin who made his MLB debut in 1967, Graig Nettles.
Tom Terrific was the NL ROY and another future Hall of Famer.  Amos Otis was a five-time All-Star and three-time Gold Glove for the Royals.  He was September call-up for the Mets in 1967 
After winning the AL pennant 5 straight years from 1960-1964, the Yankees fell to 6th place in 1965 and in 1966 the were dead last. 1967 wouldn't be much kinder. They finished in 9th with 90 losses.
The Reds were 8 games under .500 in 1966 for a 6th place finish. In 1967 they were 12 games above .500 and finished in 4th place in the NL. Although not the Big Red Machine yet, they were assembling the cast of characters.


  1. LOVE the Seaver/Otis rookie! Wish it existed, not that I'd be willing to shell out the hundreds it would certainly cost....

  2. These are outstanding! Very well done! :)

    Especially like the Carew/Nettles card. Thanks!

  3. One of my brain cells is recalling that in 1967, most of the Reds' starting 8 hit over .300 (at least for most of the season), and that they were in first place for a long stretch, before being overtaken by the Cardinals.

    1. Yeah Jim, After a 15-5 April they held onto 1st until mid June. June and July were both under .500 and their 2 game lead turned into 8.5 games behind the more consistent Cardinals.