Tuesday, October 4, 2016

2016 A.L. Wildcard Game: Orioles vs. Blue Jays

For the 2016 postseason I am making Cards That Never Were of Hall of Famers from each team but with a couple of twists. The first twist is that they will appear on cards that coincide with the year they were inducted into Cooperstown. The second twist is that these are not the teams they are best known for playing.

Tonight is the first wildcard game with the Orioles taking on the Blue Jays. For this match up I have chosen a couple of former teammates and two players who are often mentioned when it comes to which hat should be worn on your HOF plaque.

1993 Topps Reggie Jackson

First representing the Orioles is Reggie Jackson. Jackson spent the 1976 season in Baltimore. In all Jackson played 21 seasons and in 2820 games. Only 134 of them in an Orioles uniform. And despite the fact that he played more games for the Kansas City/Oakland A's (1346) and the California Angels (687), he chose a Yankees cap for his HOF plaque. He played 653 games in New York and was inducted wearing a Yankees cap in 1993.

2001 Topps Dave Winfield

Dave Winfield, who played with Jackson onthe Yankees in 1981, is here representing the Toronto Blue Jays. His only season with the Jays was in 1992 and also got him his only World Series ring. Winfield played 153 of his 2973 career regular season games in a Blue Jays uniform. When he was enshrined in 2001 he chose to wear a Padres cap. He had played 9 season and 1172 games for the Yankees and 8 seasons and 1117 games in San Diego. A much closer divide than Reggie's but it still caused outrage in New York. Those poor Yankees, always ignored by the mainstream media.


  1. I really like these. Can't wait to see the rest.

  2. The Reggie looks great in that design. I love the Winfield photo!

  3. Nice work! I might need to print out a copy of the Reggie for my PC.

  4. This is a really cool concept, and some really nice customs. "Those poor Yankees, always ignored by the mainstream media." I laughed out loud at that. If I recall correctly, George Steinbrenner paid multiple HOFers to choose Yankees hats for their plaque. I'm guessing the reason Winfield didn't bite was the whole Howie Spira thing.