Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Cards That Never Were - 32nd Series Checklist - Walt Williams

This time a full 16 of the 25 Cards That Never Were in this series were created for my other blog, Rating The Rookies. It also include 2 tribute cards. Both Walt Williams and Hall of Famer, Monte Irvin passed away during the making of this series. 

When I started making this version of checklist, I wanted to include a photo similar to the 1967-69 Topps. I never really intended the photo to be a memorial, but it seems to have worked out that way. I used Minnie Minoso in my 29th, Doug Buffone in my 30th, Yogi Berra in my 31st and now Walt Williams in my 32nd. I could have used Monte Irvin but felt the design had more of a '70s vibe, so I went with "No-Neck". 

I included 2 versions of my custom 1969 Deckle Joe Morgan. After I made the first version using a candid shot of Morgan. A reader commented that it was somewhat of an anachronism. So I made another similar to how Topps would have made one at the time, posed with the Astros logo air-brushed out. Also while creating this checklist, I noticed I spelled Marc Hill with a "k" inadvertently so it is designated "UER" for uncorrected error. 

As usual, you can click here to see all the cards from this series along with Series 31 without all those boring words to slow you down. Or you can check out this series or any of my other series by clicking on the mini-checklists in the right margin.

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