Friday, June 26, 2015

Catching up with "Rating the Rookies"

More often than not lately, I'm having trouble making new blog posts. It's not due to a lack of ideas. It's more a lack of free time.  In the mean time here are several Cards That Never Were from my other blog, Rating the Rookies. The three above are from this post. Enos Cabell, Pat Bourque, and Gonzalo Marquez shared a rookie card in the 1973 set.

Steve Jones shared the 1969 Royals Rookie Stars card with Ellie Rodriguez. Since I had already created a Card That Never Was for Rodriguez as part of the 1973 All Star set, I only needed to create a card for Jones.

In 1966 Lee EliaDennis Higgins and Bill Voss shared a White Sox Rookie Stars card. Again I had already created a card for one of the players. In this case it was Dennis Higgins who appeared on the 1969 Topps AL Leading Firemen card.

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