Thursday, April 30, 2015

Cards That Never Were - 29th Series Checklist - Minnie Minoso

I'm a few posts overdue with this checklist. On the bright side this is an all-new design. And by "all-new" I mean it is my design but as usual, I borrowed heavily from Topps designs. This one in particular could have fit into the 1976 set seamlessly. I wanted a retro look and I wanted a photo similar to the 1967-1969 checklists. This is what I ended up with. Groovy, huh?

On the list itself, I kinda struggled with whether or not to include "Cards That Never Were" from my other blog, Rating the Rookies.  In the end, they were included. Afters all, I made them and they are Cards That Never Were.  For the photo inset, I used a '70s era Minnie Minoso photo. His tribute card was included in this series. 

And as usual you can click here to see all the cards in this series in one place with out all those boring words to slow you down.

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