Sunday, March 24, 2013

1963 Topps All Stars - The National League Battery

1963 Topps Don Drysdale AS

Drysdale pitched the 1st 3 innings of game one. He surrendered a single hit, a lead off triple to Luis Aparicio. He then got the next 2 batters to pop out to the infield and struck out the next. He left the game in a scoreless tie. Juan Marichal pitched hitless 4th and 5th innings and got the win.

1963 Topps Johnny Podres AS

His teammate Johnny Podres started the 2nd game. He also pitched scoreless frames. In his only at bat in 4 All Star game appearances, Podres doubled then scored on a single by Dick Groat.

1963 Topps Del Crandall AS

Del Crandall played in 11 All Star games and started in 8, from 1953-1962. Although he was hit-less in his final 2 All Star appearances, the 4-time Gold Glove backstop tagged out the go-ahead run in the top of the 3rd when Billy Moran tried to score from 1st on an error on center fielder Tommy Davis. 

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