Wednesday, February 29, 2012

1963 Topps Pete Rose

The 2012 Heritage set coming out in March will feature the classic 1963 design. With Rose still on Major League Baseball's double-secret-probation, he won't be included in this set.  (As a White Sox Fan, I think that Rose shouldn't be reinstated unless Shoeless Joe Jackson is also reinstated. That said, his accomplishments on the field merit a plaque in Cooperstown.) 

Pete Rose beat out Mets second baseman Ron Hunt 17 votes to 2 in Rookie of the Year voting. The two had very similar stats.  Rose hit .273 with 6 HR and 41 RBIs, Hunt hit .272 with 10 HR and 42 RBIs. The big difference in the runs scored. "Charlie Hustle" scored 101 times compared to Hunt's 64.


  1. Shoeless Joe's alleged problems were on the field during his playing career, accused of throwing games.

    Pete Rose's alleged problems came AFTER his playing career, accused of betting on his team.

    Tying them together is ludicrous. Then again, we wouldn't want to ruin the pristine image of MLB.

  2. May I also add, based on the evidence I have seen on Jackson, I'm not convinced he is guilty of any thing.