Friday, May 31, 2013

1975 Topps M.V.P. and R.O.Y. Cards: 1970-1974

In 1970 Munson and Morton appeared on multi-player rookie cards. For the purposes of the ROY card, I created regular issue cards for them.  I used "action" shots for these cards even though Topps wouldn't use action shots until the following year. Hopefully that distracts from the fact that I couldn't quite match the font.

Speaking of "action" shots, gotta love that '71 Torre card. And yes I know the uniform on Earl Williams wasn't used by the Braves until 1972.

As a huge Dick Allen fan, his 1972 card really bugs me. First, Topps re-used the same photo as the 1970 Dick Allen card on the Cardinals. To make matters worse the photo is of him in a Phillies uniform. The Cardinals never had pinstripes to the best of my knowledge. How old was that picture. At least he wasn't wearing the horn-rimmed glasses he wore on his rookie card. 

In 1973 all 4 players were outfielders. Once again both ROY winners appeared on multi-player rookie cards so I needed to create standard cards for them.

In 1974 there was no card for Mike Hargrove and Bake McBride appeared on a multi-player rookie card. With the Steve Garvey card going horizontal, I thought maybe I should update the ROY card to look more like the MVP card:

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  1. These were favorite cards for me. Before the age of googling all of history, this is how l learned about past players. Great job.