Thursday, May 16, 2013

1974 Topps Mike Hargrove

Mike Hargrove was a key part of the resurgent Texas Rangers in 1974. Under manager Billy Martin the Rangers went from last place in the AL West to 2nd place, behind only the World Series Champion Oakland A's. 

One of Hargrove's more memorable moments of his rookie season came on dime beer night in Cleveland. He was pelted by various debris from the unruly crowd including a near miss by a half-full jug of Thunderbird. In the 9th inning a fan charged 1974 AL MVP Jeff Burroughs and knocked his cap off. When Billy Martin lost sight of his outfielder, he grabbed a fungo bat and led his team to Burrough's defence. More fans piled onto the field and the Indians, also wielding bats, came onto the field as the riot escalated. During the ensuing melee, Hargrove was hit from behind by an Indians "fan" then administered a beating on said fan. 

The game was eventually forfeited. The Indians magnanimously decided that all future dime beer nights be restricted to a limit of 4 beers each. The league went one better, suspending all promotions until further review.

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