Monday, May 6, 2013

1961 Topps NL Stolen Base Leaders

After leading the league in stolen bases from 1956-59, Willie Mays handed the crown to Wills. Mays stole 25 bases in 1960, he wouldn't steal more than 20 in a season until 1971, his final full season in San Francisco.

Tony Taylor started the 1960 season on the Cubs but was traded to the Phillies to make room for their Bonus Baby, Jerry Kindall. Taylor represented the Phillies on the 1960 All Star team and continued his MLB career until 1976. Kindall, a career .213 hitter, was out of the game in 1965.

Vada Pinson had a career high 32 stolen bases (also a career high 12 times caught stealing). It was his second straight year with 20 homers and 20 stolen bases. It was also the second straight year he was selected to the All Star team.

In just his second season, Maury Wills led the NL in stolen bases. Famously, Wills would not have his own Topps card until 1967. Had this card actually been made it still would not have been his first appearance on a Topps card.  He appeared on this 1960 World Series card:

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