Friday, February 10, 2012

1970 Topps Luis Aparicio All Star

Chicago White Sox CTNW Fan Favorites #2

I'm putting together 5 "Cards That Never Were" fan favorites from each team. These are not necessarily the 5 best players from the franchise. So as David Letterman used to say before Stupid Pet Tricks, "This is only an exhibition. This is not a competition. Please, no wagering."

Luis Aparicio started on the White Sox in 1956 leading the AL in stolen bases and winning Rookie of the Year. He continued leading the league in stolen bases every year until 1965.  A 10 time All Star and 8 time Gold Glove, Luis played for the Sox from '56-'62 and '68-'70. The White Sox retired his number in 1984.
In the 1970 All Star game Luis Played all 12 innings at shortstop for the AL team. He went 0 for 6 in a 5-4 loss. I was tempted to make a 1968 or 1969 card to replace the terrible hatless pictures of him wearing an Orioles jersey. But technically those wouldn't be "Cards That Never Were". They would just be replacements for cards I hate.

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