Wednesday, May 8, 2013

1961 Topps NL RBI Leaders

Unlike my last post, here is a "Card That Never Was" packed with big names. Had this card been made, it would have been the only 1961 Leaders card populated exclusively by Hall of Famers. I am not sure why Topps left out the RBI leader until 1964. I understand that Saves leaders or "Leading Firemen" was a new stat and the definition of "Leading Fireman" was still evolving. I can also understand the decision not to include Stolen Base leaders. Because the NL leader Maury Wills was still not under contract by Topps. But all 4 NL and all 4 AL RBI leaders had 1961 Topps cards. Makes no sense. Seems like a golden opportunity for Topps to showcase some of the games more popular players.

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