Thursday, May 23, 2013

1974 Topps Rookie Stars: George Brett, Rick Burleson, Greg Gross, Jim Sundberg

In my last post I pointed out that 5 of the 8 players receiving Rookie of the Year votes were not included in the 1974 Topps set.  I think one of the major contributors to their exclusion was Topps decision to issue "All 660 Cards in One Series!": 

Only Bucky Dent had his own card in the 1974 Set:

Bill Madlock & Bake McBride were included on multi-player Rookie Cards:

With the inclusion of the Rookie of the Year card I made of Mike Hargrove, All 8 1974 ROY vote recipients now have a 1974 card.


  1. That is just too much awesomeness for one post! Great job!

  2. Rich Bladt looks like a mad scientist.