Tuesday, May 7, 2013

1961 Topps AL Leading Firemen

Mike Fornieles, Johnny Klippstein, Gerry Staley, and Ray Moore. Not exactly household names. Yet these were the "Leading Firemen" in the American League in 1960 and another example of why I think leader cards are so cool.

Mike Fornieles got 14 saves and 10 wins in relief. He appeared in 70 games for the 7th place Red Sox in 1960.

Johnny Klippstein earned 14 saves and 5 wins for the Cleveland Indians. He would end up pitching for 9 different teams in his 18 year career.

Gerry Staley was the only one of the 1960 leaders selected to the 1960 All Star team, but he would never leave the bullpen. He got 10 saves and 13 wins all in relief for the South Siders. All this at the tender age of 39.

Ray Moore began the 1960 season as Staley's teammate on the White Sox but finished as a member of the Washington Senators. Overall he would earn 4 wins and 13 saves. In 1961 the Senators moved to Minnesota. To avoid confusion with the expansion Washington Senators franchise, Topps designated the 1960 leaders as "Minn." despite playing in Washington in 1960.

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