Sunday, February 5, 2012

1977 Topps Richie Zisk

Chicago White Sox CTNW Fan Favorites #5 

I am starting a new theme. I'm putting together 5 "Cards That Never Were" fan favorites from each team. These are not necessarily the 5 best players from the franchise. So as David Letterman used to say before Stupid Pet Tricks, "This is only an exhibition. This is not a competition. Please, no wagering."

Richie Zisk spent exactly one year on the White Sox. He was part of the 1977 Southside Hitmen that included Oscar Gamble and Eric Soderholm. The team hit a franchise record 192 home runs and went on a tear in July winning 22 games only to lose 18 games in August. Although they finished the season in 3rd place they had improved on a record of 64-97 in 1976 to 90-72 in 1977.

Traded to the Sox in December of 1976, Zisk appeared as a Pittsburgh Pirate on the 1977 Topps card. Topps would airbrush him into a White Sox uniform for the 1977 Cloth Sticker set. He was signed as a free agent by Texas in November of 1977. This gave Topps enough time to airbrush him into a Rangers uniform for the 1978 set.


  1. Love the card.
    Love the concept.
    Looking forward to what follows.

  2. Nice job. Richie Zisk & the 1977 South Side Hit-Men hold a very special place in my heart.