Wednesday, September 14, 2011

1975 Topps 1954 Rookies of the Year

Another in my ongoing theme putting Rookies of The Year in the 1975 Topps MVP format.

The 1954 version in this recurring theme is very similar to the 1953. There was no Bob Grim card in the 1954 set but Topps created one for the 1954 Archives set in 1992. Topps did a better job creating new cards for the 1954 Archive set, but still fell short. The fonts are off and not spaced correctly. and they capitalized Pitcher instead of using all lower case letters like the original.

Grim and Moon both had good rookie seasons and respectable but unspectacular careers. Bob Grim had 20 wins in 1954 beating out rookie hall of famer Al Kaline. Wally Moon hit .304 with 12 homers beating out future hall of famers Ernie Banks and Hank Aaron.

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