Monday, September 5, 2011

1974 Topps Mickey Mantle

It's Mantle time again. The 1974 Topps is one of my favorites. That is the year I started seriously collecting cards. My brother and I would return pop bottles and buy packs of cards. Each pack was ten cents and there were 8 cards in them. Just putting that in print makes me feel old.  We would wrap them in rubber band and keep them in cigar boxes. Which is why they are in such rough shape even though I still have most of them today. 

Since Topps beat me to the 1975, the next one I produce will be the 1976 format.


  1. Great work! I am jumping way ahead of the gun but do you intend to use a good action shot of Mantle for the '87 Topps card? That set had some of the best in action shots. Personal favorites are 300 Reggie Jackson, 425 Tom Seaver, 694 Phil Niekro, 320 Barry Bonds, and 680 Ryne Sandberg.

  2. I'll keep it in mind, but I haven't gone that far yet.

  3. I shared your site with my readers: