Friday, September 2, 2011

1961 Topps Checklist - Cards That Never Were - 1st Series

You can't make fake cards without a fake checklist, just any baseball card geek. Here's my first 25 in order of appearance in this blog.

Topps started including checklists cards in the set in 1961. Prior to that they were on the backs of team cards or were un-numbered inserts. The 1961 checklists were really nice looking cards in their own right. They had nice panoramic action pictures. I feel compelled to include the originals on this post. Not only to ease my guilt for desecrating them for my own use, but also to solicit any information as to who the players are on these cards.

 On this one you can see the numbers. It's Pirates 1st Baseman, Dick Stuart and Cubs catcher Moe Thacker.

Here you can clearly see Ernie Banks standing on second but who is the Brave? and is that Don Zimmer tossing Banks the ball?

Another Cubs game. Could be Santo caught in run-down.  Is that Reds 3rd baseman Willie "Puddin' Head"  Jones? The Reds 2nd baseman was Billy Martin in 1960. Could he be on this card as well?

Here you can clearly see Ron Santo,  Don Zimmer, and pitcher Glenn Hobbie. I think that's Lou Boudreau arguing with the ump. I can't tell which Pirate is on base.

This looks like Banks sliding into Phillies Ted Lepcio at 3rd.

I'm not even sure which teams these are on this card.

That's Braves 2nd baseman Chick Cottier and I have to assume shortstop Johnny Logan. If anybody has more information on the players pictured on these cards, please leave a comment.

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