Tuesday, March 25, 2014

1973 Topps All Star Cards : The Managers

Managing his first All Star game since 1961, Danny Murtaugh remained undefeated. Interestingly, all 3 games he managed were tied up at the end of regulation. In the 1st All Star game of 1961 he led the NL to a 5-4 victory in 10 innings. In the 2nd All Star game of 1961 the teams were knotted at 1 run after 9 inning when the game was called for rain. It was the only All Star game to end in a tie until Bud Selig called off the 2002 All Star game after 11 innings. The 1972 game went into the 10th inning before the NL broke the 3-3 tie with a walk off single by Joe Morgan.

Appearing as manager in his 3rd consecutive All Star game, Earl Weaver fought the good fight. In an era in which the NL has dominated All Star play, Weaver was no push-over. From 1963-1982 the AL had only won 1 game. That was in 1971 with Weaver at the helm. Book-ending that victory, Weaver's AL All Stars took the NL to extra inning in 1970 and 1972 before ultimately falling.

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