Saturday, March 8, 2014

1971 Topps Frank Robinson All Star MVP

Going Horizontal

In 1971 Topps finally began dabbling in horizontal cards again. They had 8 horizontal base cards all together, 4 on the Yankees, 2 on the Mets and 2 on the Angels. Overall Topps was incorporating more action shots into this set and the cards seemed easily adaptable to a horizontal version. I'm not sure why they limited it to these 3 teams, though. 

The 1971 All Star game was all about the long-ball. Roberto Clemente hit a homer in his final All Star at bat. Reggie Jackson hit a 520 foot bomb off the lights a' la Roy Hobbs. But the MVP went to Frank Robinson who hit his first All Star homer for the AL. His last All Star homer came in 1959 when he was representing the Reds, making him the 1st player to homer for both the AL & NL in All Star play.

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