Sunday, July 7, 2013

1962 Topps NL Leading Firemen: Miller, Face, Brosnan, Henry

The Leading Firemen card would not make an appearance in a Topps set until 1973.  Topps continued to make Leading Firemen cards until 1983 with the exception of the 1980 set. For some reason Topps made all the usual Leaders cards but not a Leading Firemen card (I'll have to fix that later). In 1984 was the first appearance of a straight Saves Leader card. In 1985 the League Leader Cards disappeared altogether from Topps sets for several years.

In 1961 The Sporting News issued only their second "Fireman of the Year" award. The NL recipient was Stu Miller of the San Francisco Giants. The Save was still an unofficial stat and would remain so until 1969. Stu compiled a modest 17 save but also amassed 14 wins all in relief. He also earned a relief win in the 1961 All Star Game in San Francisco.

Roy Face of the Pirates also had 17 saves in 1961, however he only had 6 relief wins. Brosnan and Henry of the Reds both had 16 saves, Brosnan with 10 relief wins and Henry with 2.

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