Tuesday, July 2, 2013

1962 Topps AL RBI Leaders: Gentile, Maris, Colavito, Cash

Even if this card had been made by Topps in 1962, it would not have looked this way. In 1962 Roger Maris "Officially" had 142 RBIs and was considered the RBI Champ. It wasn't until 2004 that some "statistical  discrepancies" were discovered and in 2010 it became "official" that both Gentile and Maris had 141 RBIs and were AL RBI Co-Champions.

In stark contrast to the NL RBI Leaders card, this card doesn't contain a single Hall of Famer. It does, however, captures 4 great players at the top of their game. All 4 had career seasons in 1961. Most notable is Maris and his brilliant 1961 season when he broke the single season homerun record and won his second consecutive MVP award.


  1. That is Al Kaline not Norm Cash.

  2. The photo was from a "Sport" magazine article written by Norm Cash. I need to learn how to read not just look at the pictures. The nice thing about "virtual" cards is that they are relatively easy to change. I hope this version is better.