Wednesday, January 9, 2013

1975 Topps Walter Payton

I've decided to add a little variety to this blog. I am going to include the occasional Hockey and Football card. In my last post I said that the Keith Magnuson card was my first hockey card. I was wrong. I forgot about this.  I have also changed my background from baseball card packs to include football and hockey packs too.

This is not my first football card. I made a few cards for my fantasy football team. I've also used football card formats a few times for baseball cards. But this is my first strictly football card that never was. 

Payton was the Bears number 1 pick in 1975. Could you imagine a set these days not including a number one pic? The other thing these sets were lacking is action shots. There were action shots in this era but they were few and far between. I think one of the reasons was the fact that Topps didn't have the rights to reproduce the team logos. I played with the idea of "airbrushing" the logo off Walter's helmet to look more "authentic". I decided to keep the photo the way it is. Ultimately the cool looking scuffs on the helmet outweighed my desire for "authenticity".

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  1. That's a great looking card. Sweetness is still my all time favorite athlete. Few players honored fans as well as he did too. In his last regular season home game (against the Seahawks in '87) he scored a touchdown at both ends of the field. After each score, he threw the balls into the stands. I doubt he ever did that before (he used to either give it to the ref or to an offensive linemen to spike which was how the '77 team honored their blocking), but he was definitely fined for both balls thrown to the fans in the stands, Payton's last reguarl season TDs at Soldier Field.