Thursday, January 3, 2013

1969 Topps Checklist - Cards That Never Were - 10th Series

I ended 2012 with the final card in my 10th series.  It was also the 250th card created for this blog. Fittingly, it was another Mickey Mantle card. My first card for this blog was the 1971 Mantle.  This series of 25 probably took the longest because I was busy with other things.  I've got a few new ideas in the works for my next series. Hopefully, I will be able to update this page with a bit more regularity but I won't be able to publish new post as often as I had before. 

On this checklist, I kept with the theme of baseball players from classic movies.  In case you didn't recognize this guy, he is the leader of the "Baseball Furies" played by Jerry Hewitt.  The Furies were a rival gang in the 1979 cult classic, "The Warriors".  I'm not sure if these guys were supposed to be mimes or what. None of them had speaking parts and they hit like the 1979 last place Mets.  Seriously, check out this clip.  They all have bats and outnumber the unarmed Warriors 2-1 but still get their asses kicked.

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