Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Even More 1972 Alt-Topps

World Series, All-Star, Leaders and Traded Cards

I'm not done yet. 

Here is what I imagine the World Series cards would look like in my Bizzaro Universe 1972 Topps set.

And the All Star cards.  I went with a Detroit Tigers color scheme because the 1971 classic was played at Tiger Stadium.  Hard to believe that 1971 is still the only season in which both starting pitchers were African-American. 

As a side-note, the Pirates fielded a line up that featured African Americans in every position also in 1971 for the first time in MLB history.  This wasn't done with any forethought of creating history as most of the regular line up featured black players. It was more of a happenstance due to injuries.

For the Leaders cards, I adopted the format Topps used in 1970 and 1971.

In the real 1972 set Topps began making late-series Traded cards. I mimicked that here using the original concept model, John Mayberry and another famous guy who wasn't in the original 1972 Topps Traded sub-set.


I thought I'd try something different. Just wondering if anybody actually reads this all the way to the bottom. If you did, I'll take a few requests for this alternative set. If you have a player you'd like to see, base or sub-set, just post it in the comments before October 15th.  Then I'll do what I can to create those cards and make a final posting under the 1972 Alt-Topps heading by the end of the month.


  1. Really like the all-star cards. 16 more cards may be too much to ask, so any of the remaining all-star players would be great.

  2. Mets 2B Ken Boswell perhaps...please?

  3. Wow! Be reassured your efforts are read and absolutely enjoyed, especially by fans of a certain vintage. Really like seeing cards from the old psychedelic era! Heck you could redo the entire early 70's with this template. However, I'd be thrilled to see "alt versions" of Norm Cash, Graig Nettles, and Boog Powell. Also throw in Frank Robby, Matty Alou, "Sudden Sam", "Rusty" and just about anybody else!! by "Buzz" Bryant