Saturday, October 20, 2018

1972 Alt-Topps Requests

To the people who read all the way to the bottom of my last post, here are your requests.  To be fair, I added that last paragraph about the requests 8 or 9 hours after I had first published my last post. This is just my way of saying thank you to all the other baseball card nerds.  Thank you for sharing my interests and even participating in them. 

I ended up making 11 cards in all.  Bill requested more All Stars so I included Bud Harrelson in what would be his only All Star start. Norm Cash actually started in place of  Boog Powell. Although Powell wasn't listed as injured, he only started in 8 regular season games in July of 1971. Despite going 0 for 2, Cash was good choice to fill in for Boog. First, he was playing in his home stadium. Second, he was hitting .293  with 20 homers in the first half of 1971.

I had a request for Ken Boswell from "Rumple" while "Buzz" gave me a laundry list. Above are the base cards. Staub could've been another traded, but since he wasn't dealt to the Mets until April, I kept him on the Expos.

I did give traded cards to Sudden Sam and McLain.  The shot of Denny wearing #52 must've been from spring training.  His familiar #17 belonged to pitcher Ron Klimkowski in 1971. Klimkowski didn't make Oakland's big league roster after spring training in 1972 and was released outright in May. McLain himself was dealt to the Braves for Orlando Cepeda in June after only 5 starts for the A's.

Both Baseball-Reference and The Baseball Almanac have him listed as wearing #17 during his short time with the A's.  I've seen pictures of him wearing 30, 31 and 52 but never 17.  Can anyone find a picture of him wearing #17 for the A's?

Another Buzz request was Frank Robinson.  I found this great shot and made it a Game 6 card.  So much going on in this photo.  First of course, you have Robbie scoring on a pop fly to shallow center off the bat of Brooks.  You also have Manny Sanguillen at the plate and in the foreground, batboy Jay Mazzone.  Mazzone had lost both hands as a 2 year old.  He joined the Orioles at 12 in 1966. 1972 was his final season.  


  1. Thank you very much! This one goes in the collection! Great job!

  2. Great looking cards and excellent choices for the all-stars. As a kid, Norm Cash was one of my favorite players. You made a 1962 Rich Rollins for me some time ago, which is in my binder today. Thanks for responding to our requests and for your blog overall.

  3. EXPONENTIAL WOWS !!!!! You just made some old geezer bereft of e-mail very happy. Didn't think you were going to post until the 30th (but here you are in time for GAME ONE). So good to go back to that era. Today's ballplayers are by and large better athletes...but the fun seems to be gone - (or is that just me?) I mean I lived through the late 60's and the early 70's...and now I'm in my late 60's...NOT FAIR!!! Anyway, THANKS SO MUCH, my Halloween treat and XMAS have arrive all in one!!! Sincerely (Buzz) Bryant.