Thursday, March 5, 2015

2015 Topps Mickey Mantle

I think it is safe to assume Topps will not be making a Mickey Mantle card this year. One of the oldest running themes of this blog  (in fact THE oldest) has been filling in the missing Topps Mantles.

 Just to get everybody up to speed, "The Mick" appeared on regular issue Topps cards from 1952-53, then 1956-69. After Mantle died in 1995, Topps retired the number 7 card in their sets (it actually took affect in the 1997 set). In 2006 Topps began making a Mantle card in the #7 spot. They also inserted  Mantle cards from the 1996-2005 sets into the 2006 set. Mantle continued to appear in Topps sets on card #7 until their deal with the Mantle estate expired in 2012. 

With various inserts and special editions Topps filled in many of the missing years. I have been filling in the rest. So it is with great pleasure that I present the "2015 Topps Card #7 That Never Was".


  1. Damn, that looks nice. But you cropped it too far away - we can see his feet. :)

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  3. That's a beaut.
    You mean Topps couldn't do that with #7 forever w/o the permission of Mickey's estate? Does that mean they paid for the right? I'd like them to do that for Willie Mays too, when the time comes. Just make #24 a Mays card every year. But if they have to pay for the right that's another story. I would think both players would be honored to have such a tribute.