Wednesday, April 23, 2014

1979 Topps Rookie Prospects

There were 9 different players receiving Rookie of the Year votes in 1979. Only 4 appeared on cardboard that year. In my past posts I made cards for Rick Sutcliffe and John Castino. I also made a card for Alfredo Griffin on the Blue Jays. Just to satisfy my O.C.D. I needed to create a card for the other Rookie of the Year candidates.

Jeffery Leonard, Mark Clear and Ron Davis were left out of the 1979 Topps set. Rather than make individual cards for them or remaking the team prospect cards, I put them all on one card. The 1979 prospects cards were not great looking cards. They look like they took the photos directly the team media guide. Many of them had the players wearing their minor league uniforms like the photo I used of Mike Clear. 

The remaining players receiving ROY votes were Scot Thompson of the Cubs, Pat Putnam of the Rangers and Russ Baumgarten of the White Sox.

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