Monday, September 23, 2013

1969 Topps Willie McCovey All Star MVP

Going Horizontal

1969 was a whole new era in baseball and the All Star game reflected that change. 1968 was known as the year of the pitcher. Both Cy Young award winners also won their respective league MVP awards. The All Star game was a 1-0 affair with no earned runs and no RBIs. (link) In 1969 the NL won 9-3 in a game with 5 homers including 2 from the MVP Willie McCovey.

McCovey would also win the NL MVP in 1969. For the second straight year "Stretch" led the league in Homers and RBI's. For the Horizontal version of the 1969 set, I went with a vertical team name. I had the name on the bottom on my first attempt but I think this one flows better.


  1. I like this card, but I have the opposite opinion on the team name. Seems like the "Bardahl" ad distracts from the team name. (Need a "batters eye"!)


  2. The Giants up the side, brilliant! I wasn't distracted by the ads on the wall but a widely blurred back drop shadow behind Giants would make it pop out more. Great job.