Wednesday, September 25, 2013

1963 Topps AL RBI Leaders: Killebrew, Siebern, Colavito, Robinson, Wagner

Once again in 1963 Topps did not include RBI leaders in their League Leaders sub-set. Of all the "Cards That Never Were", this is one that I can't figure out why? It seems like a no-brainer to include a major stat like RBIs. It is, after all, one third of the triple crown.

Harmon Killebrew led the A.L. in both HRs and RBIs with 48 and 126 respectively.  He was 3rd in MVP voting and a big part of the reason the Twins were 2nd in the AL in their 2nd year in Minnesota.

Norm Siebern had a career year in 1962. He played in every game that season and had career highs in nearly every stat across the board including 118 RBIs. He also earned his first All Star appearance.

Rocky Colavito drove in 112 runs for the 4th place Tigers. He was the starting  right fielder for the AL All Stars in the 2nd  game in 1962.  Mickey Mantle was the starting right fielder in the 1st game.

Floyd Robinson had 109 RBIs for the White Sox in 1962 and led the AL in doubles with 45.

Leon Wagner had 104 RBIs in 1962 and was the MVP of the 2nd All Star Game.

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