Sunday, October 23, 2011

1984 Topps Cardinals Stolen Base Leaders

Albert Pujols hit a record-tying 3 homers in a  16-7 win in game 3. Turning what could have been a controversial game into an offensive showcase. 23 runs, 28 hits, 3 errors but not a single stolen base. Too bad. Might've made this post more relevant. Anyway, this is the Topps 1984 active career leader card format adapted to continue my World Series theme.

Lou Brock was the MLB stolen base leader at the time he retired with 938 overall.  He also held the official single season record for stolen bases with 118. Both records have since fallen to Rickey Henderson.

Arlie Latham has the most stolen bases in franchise history with 129 in 1887 for the St. Louis Brown Stockings. Because of several rule changes, pre-1900 stolen base records are not officially recognized. Stolen bases were at times credited for advancement of the runner in several different scenarios including errors, sacrifice flies, taking extra bases on a hit ball, etc. To give an example of how different it was the 1887 Brown Stockings had 581 stolen bases and 39 home runs. The 1974 Cardinals (Brock's record season) had 172 stolen bases and 83 home runs.

Tyler Greene led the Cardinals with 11 stolen bases in 58 games this season. He also had 19 stolen bases for the AAA Memphis Redbirds. Tyler is not even on the World Series Roster.

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