Friday, October 21, 2011

1969 Topps Cardinals Victory Leaders

The Rangers came back from a 1-0 deficit in the ninth on 2 singles and 2 sacrifice flies to even the series with the Cardinals. Here again, I'm taking the 1969 Topps league leader card format to compare the World Series teams to their historic franchise leaders.

Bob Gibson topped the Cardinals with 251 career victories over 17 years. Bob also help himself with his fielding. He was a Gold Glove winner 9 years straight from 1965-1973.

Silver King, born Charles Frederick Koenig, "musta been something before electricity" to quote Rodney Dangerfield. He put up 45 wins for the St. Louis Brown Stockings in 1888. It was a different ballgame back then. He started 64 games in 1888 and finished every one of them. Regardless, no other pitcher in Cardinals history has won more than 45 games in one season and it is doubtful than anybody ever will.

Kyle Lohse won 14 games this season to lead the team in 2011. The Cardinal's pitching staff had 6 pitchers with double digit wins. Kyle McClellan started the season in the rotation due to Adam Wainwright's injury returned to the bullpen when the Cards acquired Edwin Jackson from the White Sox. Jackson had 12 wins including the 7 he earned on the White Sox.

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  1. Not much continuity between the A.A. Browns and the N.L. Browns of 1892, other than the owner, Poss-President Chris Von Der Ahe.

    All the Cardinals memorabilia you can buy at Busch Stadium says "Established 1892".

    Just fyi..