Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday Shout-Out

Not long ago I had a post called "Upon Further Review..." in which I posted cards others had made before I made my versions. All of which I found after I posted my cards and called them "Cards That Never Were". Not only were they all published well before mine, the worst part was they were better than mine. At the end of the post I wrote "At least nobody else made a 1979 Bobby Douglass.

Wrong again. Johngy beat me to it. Here is his version:

And here is my version:

Same year, same basic idea, even same picture but he posted it in September of last year. 

He found my blog and left a nice comment and I have since been following his 2 blogs Johngy's Beat and A Pack to be Named Later.  He has a number of homemade cards on his Johngy's Beat site. Some are made by him and some are made by his friends from other blogs. But his specialty is Celebrity Cards.

Being from Illinois, his site is loaded with Chicago related cards.

He also seems to have an eye for the ladies...

... but an unhealthy fascination with Mike Squires?

 I'm joking of course.  His site is loaded with cool looking cards, interviews, photos and interesting stories. Click on the links throughout this thread to check out his blogs.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out. Awesome. Loved the Squires comment!

    Actually, I like your Bobby Douglass card better than mine.