Monday, August 29, 2011

1951 Gil Hodges - Football vs. Baseball

In the 1951 All Star game Gil Hodges had 2  RBIs and 2 runs scored with a single and a 2 run homer. His homer broke the 3-3 tie in the 6th as the Nationals cruised to an 8-3 victory. All Star game MVP awards were not given out until the 1962 season but I think a good case could be made for Hodges in 1951.

In 1991 Topps began using the same layout for its football cards as it used on their baseball cards. I decide to compare the baseball and football card formats of the past. 


The 1951 Bowman football cards were not that different from the baseball cards except that the player name was larger and there was a somewhat oversized team logo above the name.

 The 1951 Topps Baseball cards were part of a game that could be purchased in packs or as a complete 52 card game. Their football cards were collegiate and very plain looking but feature posed "action" shots in color compared to the black and white head shots on their baseball cards.


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  2. The '51 Topps baseball is classic...wish they had done a "Heritage" version of that set.