Sunday, August 21, 2011

1912 T202 Joe Wood and Ed Walsh

1911 saw 2 no hitters, one by "Smoky" Joe Wood of the Red Sox versus the St. Louis Browns and another by "Big" Ed Walsh of the White Sox versus the Red Sox. While both Walsh and Wood appeared on T202 cards they did not appear together. 

This was Joe Wood's only no-no but Ed Walsh pitched a rain-shortened 5 inning no hitter in 1907 beating the New York Highlanders 8-1. With rainstorms and hail looming the Highlanders began delaying the game purposely allowing players to reach base safely so as not to finish the 5th inning making it an official game. The White Sox players soon got into the act as well. With Highlanders manager Clark Griffin on the mound, White Sox Manager Fielder Jones tapped a grounder that Griffin let go through his legs. Then Jones refused to step on 1st base and the first baseman refused to tag him. The umpire finally ordered the first baseman to tag him out of forfeit the game. In the 6th inning the game was eventually called. Walsh gave up 2 walks and a wild pitch that scored a run but no hits.

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