Tuesday, September 29, 2020

1973 Alt-Topps Requests

 We've had a few distractions during this thread. Some were good, Alec Mills surprise no-no. Most were not, the passing of Tom Seaver, Lou Brock and Gale Sayers.  So finally, here are the requests:

 Just a few requests this time. "Rumple" wanted to see Willie Mays and Ken Boswell of the Mets.  I used the All Star Format for the aging "Say Hey Kid". It was his last All-Star start.  He was the replacement starter for Roberto Clemente. Clemente had just come back from 2 weeks off with an injury then played a 12 inning game against Cincy just before the All Star break.  Danny Murtaugh, both the Pirates manager and the All Star manager, gave him the night off to rest.  Sadly, that would have been Roberto's last All Star game, too.

"Bob" wanted to see if a longer team name would work in the horizontal format.  So I made a multiplayer card. These were more prevalent in the 60s but this pose looked like it was made for one of those cards.  The team name is compressed but I think it still works.

Since there are always requests for post-season cards, I couldn't pass up using these two great pictures from the 1972 Pennant Series.  The reaction of Dick Williams and Mike Hegan in the background as Tenace crosses the plate is priceless. The A's scored the winning run on an errant throw in the 11th inning to beat the Tigers in game 1 by a score of 3-2.  

Although Clemente took out Darrel Chaney in what would possibly be an illegal move today, The Pirates went down quietly 7-1 to the Reds in game 4 of the NLCS.

Another note on this post. It wasn't showing up on other blog lists. So I had to delete and re-post it.  Has anyone else encountered this with the new blogger format?


  1. John, I have had a delay in some of my posts showing up on sidebar blogrolls recently.

    Also, photos are not appearing as a thumbnail on some (but not all) of my blogs. Example: Gale Sayers on my 1967 football blog. It does show in the Popular Posts gadget however.

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  3. Thank you so much! These really look great. Love the All-Star format for Mays.

  4. Absolutely LOVE the Southside Hitmen! Multi-player cards is a lost art at Topps; is it really asking so much to have two or three players take a minute to reenact a classic baseball card pose? This is a great one!